Environmental politics according to ČSN EN ISO 14001:2004

 ISO 14001Environmental politics of organization
DVOŘÁK comte, a.s. whose main activities are:

  • Yearlong complex maintenace of roads, parking spaces, hard surfaces, and footpaths is for us commitment to environment, in which surrounds us. We take care of verdur, garden, park as well 365 days a year.

As contribution to strengthening environmental protection decided our company management to control and minimalize possible environmental pollution hazards of every environmet elements.

To company permanent priorities belongs the environmental protection, creation of safe work conditions for our employes and their continual improvement. And last but not least is it the prevention of pollution. For fulfilment of these obligations uses our company these fundamental rules:

  • Contribute to better environment with implementing of environmental management systems in compilance with ISO standart ČSN EN ISO 14001:2004 and its next development.
  • Match the requirements of valid environment protecting law regulations and other requirements that are connected with our company or we undertook them.
  • Use education and courses to spread awareness of envirnonmental protection among the employees and get them for closer cooperation.
  • Permanent searching and usage of efficiently fasiable reducing of power consumption, raw and other material consumption.
  • Seek to prevent rise of emergency situations and act upon emergency instructions, which are providing a decrease of negative influence upon environment, if it happens.
  • Reviewing of impingement on environment after technoglogical changes
  • We influence our suppliers to be also regardful of environment.
  • Decrease of impingements on environment by customers
  • In terms of EMS system innovation urge for minimalization of negative impingements on environment, which were caused by our own activities and services.
  • To insist on prevetion of environment pollution.
  • Strengthen of open ingress and dialog with employes, public and other conserned sides with assuming of suggestions and responding on them.

To reach all mentioned strategic concepts, which have perspective character, is necessary to determinate concrete goals for fulfilment of environmental politics in immediate future. All company employes are resposible for fulfilment of these axioms of environmental politics.

Brno, Czech Republic, 6.8.2008
Ivo Dvořák, PVE